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Line 6 Forum Issues

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Thank you, Line 6 for fixing whatever forum issues that I was experiencing.  it looks like something wasn't working with an API in your forum software or an issue with your SSL certificate(s).  I wasn't sure where to report it, but nonetheless there are no more issues now.   :)

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friend, you spoke too soon ;)  :rolleyes: :mellow:


hours ago I have already reported the problem on the TGP forum, when it was still not possible to post anything here, but I see that the website problems have been solved only partially at the moment of writing ..


for example, as soon as I log into the forum, the page that is shown to me is the one with my account information (my licenses, devices serial numbers, etc.) ..


also, if I try to see the posts preview I can not do it anymore


Yep, I did speak too soon.  An hour later I kept seeing timeouts again nor could I post anything.  I tried multiple browsers on multiple OS'.  Glad I'm not the only one having the problem.  Hopefully they will get it fixed soon.

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