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JT baritone conversion.

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Hey! First post here.


Been using a Helix for my full live rig for about 6 months. I run it Danelectro > Helix > EHX mag 44 > 2 x 12 cab. (As well as running it as a vocal comp and preamp)


That being said, I’d love to get more out of the variax side of the Helix. It’s obvious to me that i can’t convert the dano in to variax which has led me into seriously considering picking up a JT variax.


My question is, if there was a point that i wanted to convert the JT to a baritone using a Warmoth 28†inch neck, would that effect or even possibly damage the digital components of the variax system.



Thanks again,



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The beauty of JTV's is that they come with 12 electronically selectable ALT tunings, including baritone (BEADFB)... Plus one of the ALT settings (called "Model") is custom programable so you can create any tuning you want.


Or you can go the other way and consider a Variax Shuriken, which has a 27" short-baritone scale neck. Apart from its wicked good looks, the Shuriken also has different built-in guitar models and ALT tunings, designed to sound "baritone" with stock 10-46 strings... and easier to fret.


Either way, turning a knob is much simpler, less expensive, and more versatile than changing a neck.


But if you insist on slapping a Warmoth neck on a JTV, it won't affect the Variax electronics... the JTV's L.R.Baggs Radiance Hex piezos can handle heavier gauge baritone strings.

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The Shuriken uses 0.10 and it's tuned to DropD or standard tuning. Baritone scale, but not a baritone guitar.


I am pretty confident that the alternate tuning technology would have a hard time tracking something tuned to B standard.

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