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Helix LT into effects return of amp


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Even if I turn off the cab and IR, still not getting a good sound going into the effects return of my Boogie MKIV powering a recto 4x12 (I had an AX8 and it sounded AMAZING this way..)   What am I missing here??  I prefer cab sims (when going direct) that are V30 4x12, so why is it not working??  ..or should I say not sounding good.  I have seen others on youtube do this and sounds awesome (just watched  aguy plug into the effects return of a 5150III50w head and cab and it sounded ferocious!!  (He didn't specify his settings)  So I know it can be done, but I feel like Im missing something..???!?!?!


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What amps/effects/preamps/pedals are you running into the Mk IV?  


For a starting point, you should really start with a Helix preamp model only, and then add pedals.  Don't use a full-blown amp model, amp&cab or cab - you already have a real power amp and cab.  Also, try the Helix output settings with both "line out" and "instrument". 


Hope this helps... 

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