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Wanting to upgrade from my Pod XT Live & Tech 21 Power Engine


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I am wanting to upgrade my Pod XT Live and was initially looking at going for an HD500x, but the option of replacing the effects and Amp (Tech 21 Power Engine) with a Spider V 120 plus FBV 3 Shortboard came up. Will this give me the same functionality / range of amp and effects as an HD500x + amp ?

I use this for gigging primarily so being both light and robust as well as sounding great are the key criteria. Also its really important to be able to easily select different stored patches (I really like the POD XT Live interface for this and am hoping the FBV would provide similar)

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For the functionality, the Spider V + FBV should be very similar to the Pod XT Live. Bank Up/Down and Preset A-D are in the same spot.  you will have a little more flexibility since you can assign 3 FX to different foot-switches (they were fixed positions in Pod XT).  The PodHD500x would be even more flexible and offer 8 assignable stomps.  It also offers more flexibility in your signal chain and can run 2 amps at a time.


For the sounds, The Spider V has a similar model set to the Pod XT, but also has the speaker built in (so it might be more convenient as an all-in-one).  The HD500x is a newer range of amps and effects (HD amps, cabs and FX)   There will of course be some similarities in what the models are based on. The only model set newer than PodHD, that is found in Helix family products.

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