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Foot switch not doing the correct opperation.


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Device: POD HD500X


Hi all, hopefully you can help me out.

I've recently picked the guitar back up and when I started to use my effects board I found that the foot switches are not performing the correct operations


My current foot switch operation mode is ABCD.

When i have been pressing down onto FS8 to change patch, it seems to be turning on and off effects instead. after plugging into the edit program on my pc i have seen that FS8 is activating effects placed on FS4. FS4 does not perform any opperations at all.


Does the button on FS4 need to be replaced to fix this, or both bottons?



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I was just having a similar issue. The button layouts are strange and don't seem to quite match up to where they are.


Make sure your fx are assigned to the right button by pressing and holding the Enter button.


Then make sure it is set to ABCD like you said it was. That was my biggest problem. Had some tutorials telling me I need to set it to FS1-8 and my pedal wasn't working at all!


And same thing as well...FS1 seems to be a dead button and I can't find the correct assignment to utilize it.


Not sure if that will help, but maybe somewhere to start? I just got the POD HD Pro X and am still figuring the thing out! Spent the last 2 days on the &^%$ button assignments! lol Also, make sure it is unplugged from your computer when you assign to ABCD or it won't work either, Touchy little device!

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