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4 Cable Method*?!? Helix & Roland JC series Stereo Amps


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Hello Everyone,


I would like to know how the 4(5,6?) cable method* works with my Roland JC-22 AMP.

I am new to all of this and I can't seem to find a good tutorial on this topic with my amp and the Helix floor.

I want to get the same results as listed in the video tutorial listed here:



But in stereo and be able to use my amps' chorus and reverb features.

I am not sure how to connect the cables can someone here guide me how to make this happen?


Please review the attached pictures of my warped understanding of the topic.






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cable #1 guitar to Helix

cable #2 Helix FX send loop 1 (1/2) to amp main input (top left of the Helix Send/Returns)

cable #3 Amp FX loop send to Helix fx loop return 2 (1/2) (top 2nd from left of the Helix Send/Returns)

cable #4 Helix 1/4" left (mono) to amp's fx loop return


Use the Mono connections on all parts of your amp using this method.


You can also use a TSR cable to have Helix control your amp's two chorus and reverb foot switches (tip/ring/sleeve)

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Thank you for the response and tip on the (TRS?) Cable for remote control @VirtualGuitars


The main part of my confusion was that I thought I needed to make sure both L/R input signals were connected to the amp in order to get true stereo effects.


After reviewing the block diagram for the Roland JC-22 AMP, I was relieved that this isn't the case.


All I needed to do is add 1 more cable from 1/4 Out (Right) from the Helix -> the Return signal (Right) of the JC-22 for Stereo. 



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