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Oud/Spanish Guitar setup for Line 6 Spider IV

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Hi All,


I uploaded my tone patch for my Turkish/Armenia Oud that I created for my Line 6 Spider IV HD150 head/Line 6 4x12 cab combo. My Oud uses a piezo electric pickup (early '80's Barkus Berry) attached to the Oud face with a thin layer of white "sticky goop", around 1" below the treble side of the bridge. The setup should also work great on a Spanish guitar or the larger Arabic Oud with a similar piezo pickup in the bridge area.


In the old days (60's, 70's) we would have used a full tube amp (e.g. Fender Twin-Reverb) with a 1 Megohm input impedance. Solid state amps of that era would have a very thin sound and low fidelity with the low output levels from a non-preamplified piezo pickup. PA systems are similarly crippled by a low imput impedance, thus requiring a solid-state preamp and a lot of "EQ" work to get a decent sound.


But I think that I have now captured that great old tube amp sound for the Oud.  Use Line 6's Class A Amplifier model with a drive setting of 25. That boosts the piezo pickup output level and fidelity without adding distortion. The Clean amplifier model with a drive of 50 to 65 could also work.


Oud Solo patch: Mark Henesian 1/19/18


Amp model: Class A

Drive: 25

Bass: 95

Mid: 45 - 65

Treble: 85

Channel Vol: 55

Boost: 1.5 db pre/2.5 db post (normally OFF)


FX1: Red compressor, Post

Sensitivity: 18%

Level: 87%


FX2: Analog Chorus: Tap don't control, Post

Speed: 0.7 Hz

Depth: 75%

Bass: 45

Treble: 55

Mix: 50%


FX3: Analog Delay: Tap don't control, Post

Time: 175 ms

Feedback: 17%

Bass: 50

Treble: 50

Mix: 25%


Reverb: Lux Spring, Post

Dwell: 17%

Tone 66%

Mix: 45%


Noise Gate:

Threshold: -50 db

Decay 11%

normally OFF


Thanks, Mark


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Glad you got it to work.  The best solution (allowing hooking up to any PA /amp), is to plug the instrument into a preamp with piezo input (like the Radial PZ-Pre).

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Thanks psarkissian and fflbrgst for the encouragement !!!


So far 17 downloads !


I find that if I set the "Red Compressor" to the "pre" (amplifier) rather than the "post" (amplifier) position, the Spanish Guitar/Oud type sound improves. The Line 6 red compressor in the "post" position rolls off the high frequencies and bumps the mid frequencies a bit, which limits the frequency response of the piezo-electric pickup. The "pre" position has a flatter frequency response, although it's only my ears making the measurement,




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