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Using "control center" for controlling DAW/external looper


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It seems like the Control Center at the Helix is more oriented to control external effect then controlling external Looper or Daw.

(to rewind,play, record on DAW etc...),


I think that because their is no way to disable the Helix behavior from the Control Center.


On preset M, Assigning CC code for a pedal of Preset N, will send the CC and switch to Preset N.

However what if I'd like to keep playing the same sound, and just use the pedals for controlling my Daw or external looper ?



I think maybe what I'm missing is, or even a temporary shortcut equivalent to that

"Preset mode switches" = None



is that make seance?


Thank You


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The thing is that I'd like to remain on my current preset, and being able to control external device.without switching preset or snapshot

If i switch to a different preset, for that I will loose the current sound I play with...

(unless I duplicate current preset and setup midi assignment on my new preset, remove all snapshot and stomp assigned)


The problem is not with how to assign at the computer, but, how to set midi command, that will not 

change my preset or my snapshot I currently using,

Just like the built in Looper, that has it's own "midi space" - pressing "Play" on the internal looper does not change snapshot for example





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I have uploaded a patch to CustomTone to allow HELIX to control QUANTILOOP.  


Theres one big headache with using HELIX as a stomp-MIDI controller for controlling devices such as loopers - whether software or hardware ( typically in iOS ) and that is that one has to set up EVERY patch separately.  

So Lets say one has a favourite collection of presets - say 32 or more - and wants to be able to control Quantiloop or Loopy HD/GroupTheLoop etc with stomps mapped using Control Centre -  then one cannot just do this once - globally - but has to repeat the same process for ALL 32 or more presets one wants to use. 

Also if one is assigning say 6 or 8  stomps to MIDI control functions to do with the looper then one has no stomps left to turn off and on effects blocks.   There is still the option to use snapshots alongside MIDI control - but this isn't optimal. 


I've raised feature request on IdeaScale somewhere to request a better means of handling Command Centre MIDI control setups at a GLOBAL level instead of per-preset. 

Hopefully the L6 elves will grant me my wish in a future version of the firmware  - we'll see.  Dunno.


Also needless to say - once L6 implements my ideas - the HELIX will become *even more * awesome :)


Oh and all the above applies to controlling a DAW too - or looper or external MIDI controlled effects unit.

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Hi, d0stenning


It seems you really understood my problem,

"Global" midi userspace, seems nice option,


However, an effect box like the looper that when selected, it is possible to trigger midi specifically assign might be useful as well.

And will not change current user experience or require additional "Mode" ot shortcut.


Supposed it would have been existed: coping it to each preset using Action->Copy is not that much of a bother.


anyway for now, i'm just using additional midi controller connected to the Midi In, 




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