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Updating the Helix


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Yes. But make sure to follow the instructions precisely: http://line6.com/support/topic/18284-latest-helix-firmware-230—nov-21-2017/
In particular the section that says 'Updating Helix Floor/Rack/LT Running 2.12.2 or LOWER'.


On the other hand, you could wait for just a little bit, as there is a new firmware coming, 2.5, very soon, or so I've read.

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I've been waiting for some of those same filters. Still hoping, especially now, since Line 6 will be releasing an effects only HX product, if the teasers floating around are true.

Assuming this new product has the same effects as Helix currently has, and all Helix products (rack/floor/lt/native/hxfx) share the same functionality, minus each device's obvious design constraints, then it will be an effect unit with a very limited filter selection. What effect only unit is complete with limited filters? This makes me think they might start paying attention to this aspect in at least the near future, if not sooner.

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6 hours ago, CPWilkerson said:

I’ll be doing the same update this weekend, and would like to know what’s in store for me.


Well... content/ new features and functions notwithstanding, what you've got in store is 5-8 minutes of waiting, depending on your computer's horsepower and the speed of your internet connection. That's about as exciting as a firmware update gets...;)

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36 minutes ago, duncann said:

The lack of excitement during a firmware update, as suggested by cruisinon2, can be decreased by executing it during the threat of a power outage.



I always wait for a thunderstorm to start mine...I like living on the edge.  ;)

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