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Firehawk Remote App (v1.3.5) - Crashing on iPhone 8 (iOS 11.2.2)


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Took delivery of a Firehawk FX yesterday and overall I am extremely impressed.

However I am experiencing a lot of crashes with the app which is running on an iPhone 8 with the latest iOS (11.2.2)

Every time it crashes (6 times in 2 days use) I have to wait for the pedal to finish syncing.
I notice that the app hasn't been updated in 8 months, have Line 6 been neglecting it in the wake of Helix?



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App is still crashing and I'm very surprised that you cannot create new patches or name them without using the app.
Even my trusty old Line 6 M5 can do that and it has half the knobs & switches of the Firehawk.

I am very concerned that the next iOS update may break the app completely, rendering the unit virtually useless.
Looks like I will be reluctantly returning it to the shop.


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