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USB Recording Question


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When recording using USB, I have a track to record the wet signal and then another to record just the DI just in case for reamping. With regard to the DI track, as long as I am using the same guitar and the volume knob is all the way up, it should always be the same volume, correct?



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Depends how hard you hit the strings. But, otherwise, yes.


Don't underestimate the monitoring/amp output level. When the sound guy turns up (within reason) the monitor channel for an acoustic player, the player will play softer to compensate to get their level. Same applies to a singer's monitor channel. Louder the monitoring, the softer the singer will sing. Same applies if there is a lot of ambient or background noise. People subconsciously (and sometimes consciously) tend to play/sing a little harder to improve the 'signal to noise' ratio. EQ applies here also, make the person unable to hear themselves over the 'mix' and they'll play/sing/talk harder/louder.


So if you want a consistent isolated recording level for a channel, you need to have a consistent setup and environment.

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