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Snapshots and CC Toggle Footswitch

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I've had my Helix Rack for about 2 weeks and I'm really enjoying it.  I'm having an issue and while I have workarounds I'm looking for some input.  I use the Helix in 4CM with an analog looper (RJM Rack Gizmo) and my amp (Mark V).  The looper responds to MIDI CC as well as Program Change messages.  I currently have Program Change messages disabled on the Helix and am using CC either as an instant command or assigned to a footswitch.  I use these to switch channels and enable the 3 OD pedals I have in the loops.  


The problem I'm having is related to saving the state of a CC Toggle assigned footswitch to a snapshot.  From what I can tell the Helix does seem to attempt to save the state of the footswitch but when I select a new snapshot the "enabled" CC Toggle switches don't seem to have any effect.  Also, currently active CC Toggle footswitches dim the LED as expected but the appropriate CC message doesn't appear to transmit to disable the loop.


I realize that I can use Instant CC messages and have been doing that as well but I'd like to assign my loops to a FS on some patches.  Is anyone else using the Helix like this and have you been able to use Snapshots?

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