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Firehawk 1500 & Amplifi 75 power consumption vs Microwave Oven

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To those bedroom gigging artist practising at home and worried about the carbon footprints. I was really concern about the power consumption of this beast as I usually practice 2 hours or more everyday. Looking at the manual or the back of your device you will see that the FH 1500 maximum power wattage is equivalent to 600 watts. An Amplifi 75 is equals to 400 watts maximum wattage. On the other side I compared my 3 years old 700 watts microwave oven using a plug in wattmeter.

I have never been so wrong in my entire life and really surprised that my oven is devouring my electricity a lot. So from now on I will do more time practising than eating rice. :)


Power consumption on Full power


Firehawk 1500 = 34 Watts

Amplifi 75 = 13 Watts


Microwave Oven = 1295 Watts




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