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...Whoa- Pending update (2.50) pinned above


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I've been pretty excited for this update. Going through some old projects I realized something. I made 100x more songs (and ideas) with the ole' kidney bean back in the day then I have made with my Helix by far! so I decided to go back to basics and try to recreate some of the old sounds and explore what I have now. I also sold all of my pedals and set the Helix up on a stand, I know that is kind of odd because it is a floor unit, but it is really nice to have it closer. My point? Well, don't really have one. I just figured since I refresh this page every 4 minutes all day, I might as well post something. Or maybe, enjoy what you have.


This has been said often, but man this thing is so great.  I haven't had this much fun playing since I was in High School.

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Considering the scarce availability of Phasers in the Helix prior to 2.50 firmware... I`m considering building myself something like that and save some electric power.


p.s: This is only to push DI into saying something new... hahaha



Well, now I've seen everything

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