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Missed the mark on HXFX

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I own both a JTV-59 and a Variax Standard.


Line6 missed the mark not putting a Variax input on the HXFX.  The minimum to get that kind of control is still the Helix LT at $1k. 


There should be a inexpensive device for controlling the Variax, even a dedicated rack mount one controllable via MIDI would work.


And BTW - don't tell me you can get a Firehawk - I have one and it is a worthless piece of crap I wish I never spent my money on.  It has no decent programming interface, the Bluetooth sux and so do the buttons/one line display.  Line6 should give me my money back for creating such a crap product.

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The HXFX is designed for guitarists who prefer their tube amps and are not (yet) into amp modeling technology in general, much less guitar modeling. It's meant to expand the Line 6 customer base; it's not really aimed at existing Line 6 customers. The likelihood that someone attracted to the HXFX already has a Variax guitar is almost nil. You may find yourself almost alone in thinking that including a Variax connection with the HXFX would be a good business decision.

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The likelihood that someone attracted to the HXFX already has a Variax guitar is almost nil. 



Not quite nil. I use a Variax 89f and am looking at it. I switched back to tube amps since the L6 has moved from actual tube amp options with the Helix (only Midi manual support for DT amps). Sorry but to my ears the Helix still missing something on the tones going straight to a PA, yea it's very good but still just missing something to my ears. My HD500 was as well until I paired it with DT.  But I will say I use the 89F on battery anyway so I can be wireless and barely use the digital side of the guitar. Mostly for a quick acoustic tone and Drop D tuning, so I don't care about Variax input.

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Not quite nil. ....

True, but pretty close. Line 6's target market here is not existing Line 6 multi-FX device owners (like you, me and DBCrocky), it is the entire world of tube-amp guitar players. We already know about Line 6 and digital modeling. Among the much larger group of tube amp players who will see the HXFX as their first foray into the digital modeling world I still claim (with no evidence whatsoever :P ) the presence of Variax guitar owners is almost too small to measure.

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