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Looking for help picking the most suitable audio interface for my home studio..

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Hi All,


Basically what i'm after is to be able to record 3x wet signals at the same time via a suitable audio interface into my DAW.

Set up consists of a pod hd 500, Yamaha digital piano & electric drum kit.


The main issue i've encounted while searching for a suitable interface is the lack of line inputs. I was looking at the Focusrite 6i6 as it's in my price range, but I was unsure how i'd connect all 3 instruments?


I'd planned on running the pod hd500 in to the interface via the XLR Out on the pod to the line input of the audio interface (via XLR to TRS 1/4) here is the problem... the research I've done also recommends connecting the digital piano via the same set up (R  ----- L\+R out to audio interface line input) & i'd like to run the same type of connection to the electric kit...


Is this as simple as me having to fork out the extra cash for a higher end audio interface, or can I run these 3 instruments via a different set up into the audio interface?


I'd even be happy being able to record 2 wet signals at once.


Any assistance would be appreciated.


Thanks :)





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Yes, both your digital piano and e-drums have stereo audio outputs, so you really need two inputs for each of those - so a total of 5 inputs.  (Unless you are only going to connect the MIDI output of the e-drums).


I think the best choice for you would be the Tascam US16c08:   It has 6 line inputs as well as a ton of mic preamps/inputs (which you don't need).

A slightly cheaper alternate would be this Behringer interface:

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