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I have a Line 6 Flextone 3 + FBV Express MK2 and I am very satisfied with the products. However, I want to get more out of my Flextone so I want to download patches with Custome Tone. 


I have been looking for almost an hour now but I still have no clue at all what software to use for this..... why can't Line 6 make this clear in one instance? When I go to the software download page, it doesn't get clear at all what I must use. One the free software downloads page (https://line6.com/software/index.html) I can select my amp, and then what software must I choose? Is this some kind of game where I have to guess? And when I guess I continuously get "At this time there is no software available that matches your selection". So lets find some help on the help page (https://line6.com/software/help.html)..... a "downloads" page full of text BUT NO DOWNLOAD LINK AT ALL !!!!!!


Come on guys, take a look at other companies (Boss is a good example) where ANY search gets a relevant answer within seconds..... please hire a person who knows what he is doing when building a website!!!!!

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Customtone is a repository where users can share presets/tones. You will find the link to it at the top of this page. Select your device (Flextone III) in the Products field to view and download compatible presets.


Each preset is designed to run on one or more Line 6 hardware devices. Each device has its own software editor which is used to view and audit the downloaded tones and to transfer them to the device if desired. To  editor for the Flextone III is the Line 6 Edit program. In the software downloads page Select Flextone III as the Product, select Line 6 Edit in the software column and select Windows 7 in the OS field (the last OS version for which Line 6 Edit was released though it should still work under Windows 10).

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