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Maximum distance of M20D to stage?

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Hi - haven't posted here in a while - I have a seldom-used Line 6 system - M20d, two L3t speakers, one L2t, and an L3s. I use it for small venues occasionally, but in my main installation (church), I use a Yamaha TF3/Dante system.


I am being asked to handle sound for an outdoor event that will have a sound booth perhaps 100' away from the stage. Has anyone been able to use the Line6 link over that kind of distance, or is the limit still 50'? 


I COULD (with some drama) possibly move the sound booth closer to the stage - I guess that would help with instrument and mic cables. 


I do like the M20d and Line 6 speakers - I haven't have any issues with them at all...


So - how do you all set up in a larger venue? 


Thanks -



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