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No Tones in the Cloud

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I just purchased a Spider V 60 and am trying to use the Spider Remote on my Windows 10 PC. Everything connects up great but I do not see a Tones section that allows me to look for tones in the cloud.  I am sure I am probably just not seeing it but I have looked pretty close.  This is only true on the PC version of the software. I have no problem with my android device.


Any help would be appreciated.


P.S. I have attached a screen shot of the software.Remote 1.pdf



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If I'm not mistaken the Tone Cloud option is only available using the Android or iOS version to the Spider Remote for now. 


You can vote for this feature to be added using ideascale...





BTW... When Spider V was released Remote only worked for Android and iOS, but Line6 did listen and released a PC/Mac version so there is hope! :-). 

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