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Well... I guess I might actually get back home before 2.5 drops afterall...


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I want it too ;-) Someone from Line6 told it will be released shortly after the NAMM. Are we talking about days, weeks or month?

And of course it depends how far the beta is.

Maybe or hopefully we will get an answer soon to solve the riddle ;-)

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Line6 has the longest “SOONâ€in the market!!!

I play a racing simulator called iRacing, and their development cycles make L6 look like Usain Bolt. When they announce something as "Coming #soon," that means "maybe in 6 months". A popular meme on iRacing's forums is a photo of a clock where instead of numbers, it just says "soon" all over the dial. Of course, just as with L6, its always well worth the wait. It's certainly maddening though, and I prefer when companies just drop updates as a surprise so I don't spend a month getting excited about it.

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Chill, Breathe, Relax, Rest, Sleep.


2.5 Firmware (fixed from the previously found bugs) will arrive shortly. 


Do you mean shortly as in soon? Or almost here? Or just around the corner? Or moments away? Or just on the horizon? Or close? Or close but no cigar? Or a whisp of smoke away? Or........

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