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Md 20 Stagscape Recording

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Hi, do I have to always creat a new scene in the Setup-mode to use the multitraking Recording-mode? I can´t seem to use it again with a saved scene because it doesen´t find a new or formated SD-Card/USB-Stick. Thanks in advance!

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No you don't have to use a new scene; you should be able to record at any time. Perhaps your media card/stick is full? Or you may need to rbe format?


There can be a problem with playback. A recording must be played back using the same Setup (and Scene if Channel muting is involved). Otherwise you won't hear what was recorded properly due to extra or missing associations between the current Setup hardware inputs/channels and the recorded channels/file names.


Also note that you can only use one digital input at a time. If the M20d is connected to your computer via USB the SD/USB stick inputs are disabled.

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Thanks so far for the reply. I was just recently recording live in the rehearsal room with two other musicians, everything miked up. At first I used a 4GB USB-stick that after it was full I wanted to replace with a different one that also formatted. The Md 20 simply didn´t find the new stick. So after a while I created a new scene and it worked.

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