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HX Effects Questions (looping / effects)


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I am an acoustic guitarist for a duo and am very intrigued by the HX seems outstanding. With that said, I was hoping someone could answer a few questions I have:


1. Is the looper a live type tool or is it really a practice option? I use multiple loops during our performances...Stacking is fine. It seems there is some tap dancing involved to switch between modes on the HX effects (you need to exit the looper to turn off and on effects then re-enter the looper to stop / undo etc). I am just trying to understand the practicality of using the looper live.


2. Does the looper process MIDI sync messages where the HX Effects is the slave?


3. Does the looper process MIDI start / stop messages  where the HX Effects is the slave


4. Is there an octave effect similar to the Boss OC-3 where I can set the range of the effect being applied? Meaning I only want the effect applied up to a certain note.


5. Is this viable as a direct to front of house option versus hitting an amp?


Any information is greatly appreciated.



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