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DL4 Power Input Questions

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I recently sold my old DL4, and the guy who bought is is starting to have issues with it. I wanted to see if anyone here had any input on what may be going on, as some of the power requirements for it are a little odd.


I always used mine with a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2+. So, the red connector, which I think is positive center. Voodoo says those outlets are rated at 9V DC @ 250ma, or 12v DC @ 200ma with the dip switch on.

The L6 PSU is 9v AC @ 2000ma, with the back of the pedal having a 9V AC @ 1200ma minimum printed on it.

Now, I never had a SINGLE problem with it. It always worked flawlessly. I can't remember whether I had the PP2 in 9v or 12v, though.

However, with batteries, wouldn't that only produce a 6V DC current? 4x C cell batteries, right?


So, does anyone have any idea of the overall power tolerances for these things? I'm seeing a lot of different numbers here, and that pedal always served me well (I'd still have it if I didn't have a Helix now). So, I want to see if I can give the guy who bought it some advice. I've already reached out to a couple of guys that work with Line 6, but figured the community would also have some good input. (You guys usually do!)



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