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Recording while using 4 cable method with an amp


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I am trying to do some recording using my POD HD I got a while ago as the audio interface while using it with my amp at the same time and I have a couple of questions to ask.


1) In my DAW (REAPER) Device Input 1 and 2 are shown, from what I understand Input 1 is the sound of my Amp's preamp section and Input 2 is the clean signal from my guitar into the POD HD. Is this correct? If so the Input 1 recording should have all the effects I have activated in my patch right?


2) Right now I have all the sounds from the DAW go through the amp speakers, how should I set it up if possible in a way where my amp(connected by L 1/4" out) only gets the sound of the guitar and then the monitor speakers (connected by R 1/4" output) get the rest of the of the tracks?


Thanks In Advance

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I use the 4CM and have recorded a few times. Two options, as Nico said, you can use a mic in front of your amp, or, if your AMP has a Phones/Emulated output, you can use that line and send it to your interface. I have a Marshall AMP which has this output and one Orange Crush 35RT which has this output as well. (This one has a CAB SIM in this output, so it adds a different color to the sound) 

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4CM is more for live appications then recording IMO now that I have more of an understanding of it.  I don't think I would record with it. I see no purpose to it.


curious....I see 4CM as only being useful for recording...The nuance can be important if you want to capture that...The setup is too busy and not really conducive to the quick set changes I encounter playing out live and no one can tell the difference live anyway...Keeping the rig simple works better for me in live situations IME...

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