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Bug in Mobile POD 2.0.4 (0.0.2) - iPad only (iOS 10.3.3)


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On my iPad the test tones in the upper right corner doesn't give the option to choose a riff. I have tested anything, even clicking positions out of the regular focus. On my iPhone everything works fine.

Can someone please proof this behavior?

I have the exact same problems as you, i have 10.3.3 and Mobile Pod 2.0.4 running on an iPad Air and an iPad Pro 9.7 and both have the exact same issues as you described. I also have no problem on my iPhone, so i think this must be a 10.3.3 iPad bug.

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Seems like a pre-iOS 11 bug (maybe just in german OS-versions?).
Unfortunately my iPad 4 is not able to update to iOS 11.

Here my answer (german) to the support:

Ja, das habe ich mir gedacht, dass das < iOS 11 exklusiv ist. Leider läßt mein iPad 4 kein Systemupdate mehr zu.
Es würde mich (und sicher viele andere auch) deshalb sehr freuen, wenn der Bug zumindest auf eine Liste möglicher Fehlerbehebungen kommen würde.
Das Ticket kann damit dann aber auch geschlossen werden.
Vielen Dank!
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