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HX Effects - Amp Switching and Expression Pedal


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When I saw the HX show up at NAMM, I immediately ordered one. I looked to do exactly what I've always wanted out of an effects unit, and it does. I really like my M13 and this bad boy just ups the game.


Two questions: 

1.Is there anyway to reverse the indicator light when using one of the foot switches to control amp channel switching? For instance, the light is bright when the amp is clean, and dull/off when on the dirt channel. I can deal with it, but it's kind of distracting because it's counter to every amp foot switch ever used.


I was trying to use an expression pedal to control time and feedback on a delay. I was 

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Part of this question got cut off, and since this was my first comment on the board (first time, long time) I couldn't fix it right away. 

I was trying to adjust time and feedback of HX delays using an expression pedal. However, as I move the pedal, it makes the adjustment, but it's not smooth. Basically the delay stops repeating and changes to the new settings, but it doesn't transition or blend between the settings. You can't get that cool stretchy sound like when you turn the knob on a stomp box (it actually works if you turn the parameter knob in edit mode, but not if you rock the expression pedal). HOWEVER, if I use one of the DL4 or M-series models, it works fine. I'd really like to use the HX bucket brigade model because I can get almost the exact same tone as my MXR Carbon Copy for what I'm trying to do. It actually works with modulations, I can change the rate of say...a phaser with the expression pedal. Is this a glitch when using the HX delay models?

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