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M13 Input and Now Output Issue

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First off, Hey to Everyone.  Hopefully y'all can help.


I purchased a used M13 from Reverb and it has the most updated Firmware (2.04)


It worked perfectly for about 3 months and I did quite a few gigs with it.


Recently, when I plug in my guitar and also have it hooked up out to my amp, I'll get a clean signal that runs through.  But when I turn on the M13 the signal cuts.  


I go to select my tuner and it just reads "B" with the chromatic tuner leaning to B flat.  Sometimes when I select my tuner, it runs though all the different notes that the tuner can read super fast and then will go blank for a few seconds, then go back to showing "B".


My current patch for this has been to turn the unit on, leave it on the tuner setting, walk away for a while and when i come back the tuner is usually blank.  I plug my guitar in and it will register notes, and then allow me to use the stompbox fully effects and all.


However, yesterday at practice, I let it "warm" up, which took way longer than normal, but it worked, but by the end of the practice I was getting a horrible buzz coming from the amp.  This buzz went away once I took the m13 out of line between guitar and amp.  It was not an instrument cable issue, I tested that, and it wasnt any of my other pedals i use with the m13.  


Hopefully I'm not doomed here, but wanted to throw out a line and see if anyone has known a fix or solution to this.  



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