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HX Effects buzzes loudly when USB is plugged in


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Title says it all The HX effects buzzes loudly when the usb is plugged in and goes away as soon as it is unplugged. Which would make editing basically useless once that is available.


Anyone else having this problem? Or do i need to open a support ticket?

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It's a ground loop. I have the same on my Helix Floor when plugged into my PC. They are apparently on 2 different circuits in my room - different outlets.... I made an isolation transformer box with a 1:1 audio transformer from an electronics store. You can also find pre-made units, such as Hum X or some such. Or move both your PC and your HX FX and Amp to the same power strip. Doubt it's the HX FX, but more probably the PC ground versus your amp ground. I place my isolation transformer between my Helix and the amp (my case FRFR speaker), only when I connect the Helix to the PC....




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