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POD HD500X Knob/Pot Issue


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Hello All,


I've searched through these forums and haven't found an issue/post about this, maybe someone can help?

I've had the HD500X for about 4 years now, been working well or acting as it should this whole time.

Just recently noticed I'm having an issue with one of my controller knobs/pots. It is the "MID" knob.

There seems to be a lag, or a "dead space" between where it shows the position on the mini screen, and where the knob is actually positioned.


For example, I'll move the mid position all the way to 0%, then move the knob to 25% (9 o'clock).

Though the actual knob is at 25%, it shows only 2% on the mini screen.

The readings are way off by like 25%, until the knob gets to about 75%, then it seems to be closer to or on the money between the two.

Working my way back from 100% down to 0%, it just jumps down way too fast below where I'm actually at.

It's the only knob/pot that is having this issue, and I can't figure out why or how to solve it.


I've tried global resetting, re-updating the flash, test mode/calibration screen. I have no idea if there's anything I can do myself to fix this issue.

If anyone has had this sort of problem, and can help point me in the right direction I would appreciate it very much!



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I'm just gonna go ahead and guess that this is a hardware issue if rebooting and reflashing firmware hasn't helped...knob has likely crapped the bed. May or may not be cost effective to fix, given the aging HD platform. Only one way to find out... open a service ticket and see what they tell you.


It's also a great excuse to go Helix shopping. 😉


A squirt of contact cleaner is always worth a try too, as long as you don't mind opening up the back...certainly won't make anything worse, and at this point you're long out of warranty anyway.

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As I recall, these are sealed pots. Liquid contact cleaner is your best bet and you might be able to get some cleaner in it from the shaft...Worth is shot...Otherwise, try a replacement. I would discourage the use of compressed air on most pcb based electronic devices. Mini-Vacuum is what you want to use to clean a pcb...Blowing dust around on a surface mount board is just asking for trouble. ;)  

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