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I just bought a VARIAX JT89F and am trying to tune it. nothing happens when I turn the tuning pegs. How do you tune these things??? Help?

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the little knobs on the bridge are for fine tuning. when you reach the max/min those will turn use the allen key to loosen up the locking nut then use the tuners, lock the nut then tune with the little knobs. Here is toneking explaining it or search for floyd rose tuning on youtube.


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Also when you change strings you might find you will have to adjust the spring tension of the bridge to get a good balance and "flat" bridge position.  If you stick to the same gauge strings once you have dialed in you should be okay and not have to do it again.  It can be frustrating especially if it is your first Floyd Rose system, but once it is dialed in it is a very stable system.

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