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Speaker Cable Polarity + Software Question + Fuzz!

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I did disconnect the speaker wires on my Spider IV 75 combo to connect it to an external 4x12. Now i want to reconnect the internal speaker and i did not document which lead is positive and negative! Can someone please look it up for me?


I also have a question about the editing software. How do i "clone" a preset? (So i can copy a sound, keeping the basic sound and do small tweaks, for example just add delay to my sound).



And, if someone have nice fuzz presets for stoner rock, like Fu Manchu etc. please share! You can have my presets back :)

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it doesn't make any difference which lead is connected to which connector on the speaker, as you only have 1 speaker, there is no issue of phase.


On your 'clone' question - adjust the sound you want and save to a new name.

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