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DIY-project: MIDI-controller for snapshots. Powered by Arduino


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Hi Guys! 
Just finished this very cool project that i am super proud of: 

A small controller, that lets my change snapshots but still have alle the Helix-switches set up for stomp-mode. 

I have spent two weeks nearning Arduino-coding from YouTube. I have never done ANY coding whatsoever before this project. ( you guys who knows alot - please i probably wont understand what you want to say if you tell me something that's wrong with the code)

I must admit that i have been so caught up by coding that my entire stream-of-consciousness looks like The Matrix. 
I finally got it!  

Check out some pics and video here: 

(too lazy to embed)


The Chasis is 3D-printed - because I wanted to try that and because my library has a printer that I could use for free. Also all enclosures I could find where either to big og to small. 

It works by sending MIDI CC#69 with values of 0, 1, 2 or 3 for switching 4 snapshots. 

I cant believe how cool Arduino is! So much fun - actually I'm afraid that I have not played guitar at all for 2 weeks! 
And it is not that hard at all! I just watched at lot of video from this Channel 
And then looked at some other midi-controller-projects, to get an idea of how to do it! 

Go guys!! 
Do it! 


- The Dane! 


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this is incredible and saved me two weeks of getting into this and I'm sooooo glad because I SUCK at programming!

So thank you a LOT!!!

I'm using it with only three switches for my HX Stomp and its incredible!

Do you know how it would be possible to modify the program to make it go up a preset if you push two of the buttons at once?

Would be soooo grateful for some advice!


Thanks a lot and many greetings from Germany


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