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HX Effects Routing... Need Advice


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Bass Player here...

I just received my HX Effects and am having trouble integrating my only two "other" pedals, (an Eventide H9, and an EHX Superego Plus).


I want to run each of these in stereo but the HX only has two mono send/receive busses.  My floorboard also has a Soundcraft Notepad 8fx mixer that I was thinking of plugging the H9 into 3/4 and the EHX into 5/6, but sending to them discretely using the send busses of the HX (not utilizing the returns). 


There's also a Boss RC-3 looper connected to tape in/tape out.


The downside I see is that I won't be able to rout the H9 or the EHX to anything else after the output stage, but the upside is that I should be able to hear them both with stereo imaging.


Can any of you think of any other options?... Am I thinking reasonably about this?


Thanks and great to be on board here,


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Welcome! I assume you’re wanting to use HX effects to control them, right? And, you want them placed appropriately in the effects chain, as opposed to “parallel†like if you used a mixer? I guess you could get An effects switch like a boss es-5 and run two loops for the HX effects (in-to-loop out, and loop in-to out). Then, run your pedals individually to it as well. You would at least be able to position the two stereo effects in the chain to a degree.

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good thought.  I've tried the original idea and since the 2 effects are "special" and not always on, I place them in the B chain and punch in as needed.  Not optimum, but this is still and awesome system.  Thanks for the input.  I'm starting another thread regarding interfacing with the H9

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