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Model style selector knob calibration don't work

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Hello, I'm a happy owner of line6 instruments, to date I own two variax 300 electric, one Variax300 acoustic (nylon string), one Variax acustic (steel string) and a Variax500 with related workbench as well as clearly a 500X pod, I had clearly in years other Line6 products of which I have never had problems. But now I have a problem with the selector of the models of my variax 500, it does not work anymore, or rather I replaced the dead pot but I can not do the calibration with the methods found online, you can give me a hand or provide me (paid ) the complete spare part with calibration instructions. I have no problems with electronics and I have no problem repairing myself.



I tried to search for the spare part on the kompass site, but the selector is incomplete. or better do not understand if it is also sold the mechanism that makes mechanical shots between the various models, since the model selector is nothing more than a linear potentiometer 50K push-pull, in my case was lost this system and the knob turns free as well as being not calibrated correctly. I do not understand why although I followed the calibration instructions to the letter it did not work


Any suggestion is good





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