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Patina wear on JTV-89

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I have a 2014 JTV 89, purchased last year.  After playing (and maintaining) the instrument for 9+months - I have noticed a spot on the gray nickel oxide patina on the bridge has worn to a ni-chrome shine.


I'm not really worried about this - the spot is where I anchor the heal of my hand, so the wear is natural (I assume).  Its behind the 5 and 6 string piezo pickups.


any advice on restoring the natural surface patina (slight gray)?  Cant scrub away what is already scrubbed....



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There's always Krylon...😉


There's nothing you can do about this kind of wear. Even a chrome bridge (with the chromiest chrome there is😂) will eventually start to pit...and I've seen cheap chrome flake off altogether.

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