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Global Settings in Editor?


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Greeting fellow Helixers,


So over the weekend I did the upgrade - went from 2.10 -> 2.50 (well had to hit 2.21 first).  I have been using the Helix for about 1 1/2 years now, and I am in love with it...  Helix + Ownhammers IRs = Heaven.  After the upgrade, I only love it more.


Anyway, I could have sworn you were able to edit Global Settings through the Editor application.  I can't find the settings anywhere on 2.51, am I going crazy?


My notes on 2.50-

  • Startup is noticeably faster
  • Really? A full state backup since 2.30 with Global Settings? Why didn't I upgrade sooner?
  • Lonestar Amp is awesome, can't wait for the clean channel to be released.
  • Were the blocks optimized to utilize less of the DSP?  I read it on the forums a few times, but have not seen an official statement.

-Still on my wishlist - ability to set individual Footswitches to Stomp/Snapshots, not just the 4/4 or all 8 settings.  So you can do things like have 2 Snapshots and 6 Stomps displaying.


Thanks for reading, and thanks to anyone who responds.  Keep rockin'.

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3 minutes ago, commonpike said:

...That's annoying.


The 'global settings' knob on the stomp device doesn't seem to work anymore after my update to 3.01, and it's also not in HXEdit.


oh, the knob is back. I had to twist/click it a few times. now I can just click it. Weird.

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