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MIDI CC Troubles


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Hey guys! Having a MIDI problem with my Helix/Roland RC505 looper.

Trying to send a CC to turn channel 1 on the RC505 on/off, which I've done with other devices. Have set the appropriate channel (1) and MIDI CC#1 to a switch, and it's not working. However, when I switch to CC Toggle mode, it will send the note only with a toggle and turn the channel on, which is not economical for my purposes - just wanna be able to turn my "chorus" guitar sound on while also turning the right channel on!

Thanks for any help. 1f642.png:)

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I don't have an RC505, but MIDI is MIDI. I had a quick look at the manual, and it seems to have been written by someone who never actually USED MIDI. Not unusual. Here's how it MIGHT relate to how the Helix handles MIDI.




By "Channel" I assume you mean 'Track"

By "Note" I assume you mean CC Value (vs CC#)

By "Switch" you could mean either a switch that loads a preset, or a "Stomp" switch that sends a CC# and Value from within a preset


When you load a preset, Helix will send CC messages assigned to Instant Commands (the lightning bolt), and any TOGGLING CCs assigned to Stomp switches. To send non-toggling CCs at preset load, assign them to Instant Commands. If you want to send non-toggling CCs from WITHIN a preset, assign them to stomps.


The RC manual seems to indicate that the RC doesn't care about CC Values except when setting Levels. Which means that ANY value received on an assigned CC will reverse the state from it's previous state. But the author could be assuming that the Value will be either 000 or 127 without bothering to specify (author assumes that OF COURSE! Any fool knows that!). I've seen that before.


Hope that helps. If not, tell me what SPECIFIC messages you used on the other devices and I'll try and see if I can figure it out.

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