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HD500X on board edit window

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Hello. Just wondering if in the little edit screen to the far right if that "block" is the dedicated looper?  I find it strange that in the HD500X EDIT program that that block is not in the chain. 




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yes, that block to the far right is the Looper, if you want can be moved also to the far left..


It is a global FX and is always located outside the chain, like the Global EQ, (it's not part of the patches, that's probably why is not in the Editor where you basically make and manage only patches), when it is at the far left it records the dry signal and sends it into the virtual chain, when it is at the far right it records the processed signal..


the far left position is useful to try different settings while the looped dry signal is playing back, so you can do your tweakings with the hands free..


the far right position is useful to record different overdubbing takes of the loop using different patches



Oh man this is a golden explanation!  Thank you so much for taking the time to write that in such great detail.

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