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Firehawk questions


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Hello all,




I am considering buying the Firehawk FX (used). But I am have some questions that I hope you can answer.




I know that you can use your local music library from your phone or tablet. But what if you use Spotify? I have not bought music since the launch of Spotiy in Denmark.

Regarding question nr. 1. There is no AUX input. Does this mean that I cannot play music through or can I use the FX return for this?

My pc is not fast enough to do any recording on. But I am thinking about using my Samsung galaxy tab s3 (tablet) and Audio evolution mobile studio app. Do any of you have any experience with this? The firehawk should be supported.

I have a Boss Katana 50. Should i just plug it in to the front or not use the amp at all, and plug into my home stereo or use headphones?

Can i download any more amps and effects or is there no more than there already is installed?


Thank you

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I use Apple Music and normally connect my iPhone or iPad via bluetooth to the FX.

All the music available in streaming can be selected in the FH app and goes in the FH, even if it is DRM protected.

I never tried with Spotify, but I can't see why it should be different.

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Hi. As far as I know, Spotify doesn't work (for selecting songs from within the FH app).


You can play any audio (music, audiobooks,YouTube, whatever) through the FHFX over bluetooth.


I've not tried the return of the fx loop for music. I'm not sure it would work as the FH will be sending part of your guitar signal off to the loop but it won't return so that might affect the guitar signal. I think it is something you could try but don't be surprised if it doesn't work out.


Whether you use your amp, home stereo or headphones is up to you. You should get better results from the home stereo/headphones, if you're playing along to a backing track through the FH. If you use the katana, use the 4 cable method and disable amp and cab sims on the FH.


As far as we know, there aren't any updates on the horizon so if you buy one, perhaps accept the unit for what it does now and if they provide more amps/effects later then that's cool. Just don't bank on it.

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