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Adding an external expression pedal - why so hard, LINE 6?


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Hi all expression pedal nerds,


In the past, I have simply toggled the on-board pedal between exp1, and exp 2, to change from volume to wah, or whatever else....


I just bought a second hand EX1, and it functions as it should.


My problem is, every patch, (presumably, because it was set up with toggling the onboard pedal only), I have to physically unplug the EX1, and then re-connect it,and then save the patch, for the EX1 to have control of the volume, freeing up the onboard pedal for whatever else....


Is there any way around this? Yea - I know - first world problem, but surely this scenario was thought of, in the design phase!


LINE 6??? Anyone home to answer this?

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the chances of being noticed here by them are almost nil..


if you want to speak with Line 6 staff I suggest to open a support ticket...


and/or.. you can write a new post in "digital & modeling gear" forum, since some of them often read and reply to posts regarding their devices written over there..




in any case apart from some eventual additional information do not expect anything else ..


the HD series is a finished and abandoned project ..


Regarding your case, IMO it is likely that your old patches have saved the status of the device taking into account that there was not a second connected expression pedal .. and recalling those same patches but with a second pedal already connected the device is not able to dynamically reconfigure ..


unless you re-insert the external pedal which is then seen as a change/edit, and then saving the "edited" patch again the problem is solved.


following the same logic it is also probable that, if you saved a patch with the second pedal already connected, and later recall that same patch but without the second pedal already connected, the correct 1 only pedal switching between EXP1 and EXP2 would not work as you would expect

Thanks for your input - making sense, as usual Nico!

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