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Using expression pedal to transition between effects/amps


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I've tried searching for an answer for this but haven't had any luck. I have an hd500x with a dual signal path setup. Currently, I'm using one of the regular switches to switch between the clean amp and the treadplate amp- there is a noticeable lag/cutoff when I do this and I don't want to use it with that present.


I downloaded a preset not too long ago that uses the expression pedal to make this same transition in a more seamless manner, I just can't figure out how to do it in the edit program. Basically, I want to avoid this lag that I currently have. If there are other ways to do minimize this issue I'll take tips/advice too. Thanks!



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One efficient way to do it that will save an FX Block is to use the Channel Volumes of each amp model as an  Expression Parameter. What you need to do is note the percentage value of each channel volume, remove the button assignment and turn on both amps...Assign the Channel volume of each amp to the Expression and assign like the example below...Basically, just invert the MIN and MAX between them and they will crossfade pretty decently...You can add an Expression pedal to dedicate this...


AMP A: Channel Volume Set to 85%

AMP B: Channel Volume Set to 70%


Expression parameters like this:


    AMP B Channel Vol. MIN = 0%

    AMP B Channel Vol. MAX = 70%


    AMP A Channel Vol. MIN = 85%

    AMP A Channel Vol. MAX = 0%

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Man I was just asking about using multiple parameters for one controller for this very reason.


What I also did was roll on/off drive during the transition on the two amps for that clean to crunch transition.  There seems to be a spot just after beginning transition from a clean amp to treadplate where there is a noticeable bump in volume and not as smooth as I would like.  I added a compressor after the amps to try to fix this with decent results.  Only noticeable with a slow fade, a quick fade like switching channels is super smooth.

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