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Pod X3 Pro to QSC power amp

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I have a Pod X3 Pro that I run through a QSC power amp into a 2x12 cab.  I'm going from the 1/4 INCH (Live) OUTPUTS on the back of the X3 Pro into the QSC, and I have the AMP/LINE selector switch set to AMP.  I usually have both the QSC and the X3 Pro turned up pretty high to get a decent volume.  Yesterday I tried switching to LINE and the signal got much louder, to where I always thought it should be.  I always thought the AMP setting should be selected if you're sending the signal to an amplifier - makes sense, right?  But I'm thinking now that AMP means if you're sending it into the instrument input on the front of a typical guitar amplifier, and that LINE should be used if sending the signal to a power amp.  The names are a bit misleading (at least to me) and the manual doesn't go into any further detail.


Is this correct?  Should I be set to LINE when sending into an external power amp?

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