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WOW! The new Placater and Cali Texas Ch2 amps & FX.....


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I was messing around with Helix 2.50 this week and the sounds I'm getting here have blown me away!


I used to really love the HBE and BE amps in my Fractal but something about the Placater amp is just really special.

Still love those but I do prefer this one now.

The notes really 'jump out' in a pleasant way and it has tonnes of definition.

The low end also is very tight so it actually works well for many different types of tunings.

Very cool that they added the Sat, C45 and HBE switch options too.


The Cali Texas Ch2 was a very pleasant surprise too.

I hadn't used a lot of Lonestar emulations in the past so I didn't really know what to expect but I'm very stoked about the tones I'm getting for clean and low-gain tones.

It's kinda the link that was still missing from the Helix.... That HBE too actually.


Now it would be cool to see amps like the EVH 5150 III added and rare stuff like a Randall Satan or something haha!


Another very cool thing was that they added all the 'old' M-series effects.

I mean, those effects are still really of high quality and I enjoyed the crap out of them in my old colored M series multi effects.

I'd say we're getting an entirely new fx modeler's worth of content.... for free.

So yeah, I can't be anything else than positive about this.


I made a video to demonstrate these amps with my new 7-string Ibanez.

It has a swamp ash body with Dimarzio PAF-7 pickups.

Sweet guitar, was really happy with the tones I got.

Also used Helix for bass this time around and I'm very happy with the results I got there....


How are you guys digging the new amps??

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