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L3S - Replacement drivers or recone kits?

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Does anyone know how to get re-cone kits, or at least replacement drivers for the L3S?


Sure, they have built-in protection, but that can fail.  One of my four 12" drivers (two subs, of course) is rattling at med-high volume, so....



Mine are from 2012, and have Celestion T5850A's. These are not a stock item,  and Celestion refuses to tell me anything about them.







Someone on another forum thought that Line 6 changed to a different driver at some point. 

Does anyone know if that's true?

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Well, I have PARTLY answered y own query.



For any one needing a re-cone,  and yes a driver can develop problems despite the amp's protection circuitry, I have found a source:


Orban Audio can re-cone them, with the correct OEM parts, for $75 per driver.   He'll also sell you the kit,  sans glue, for $50,  but the kits are not pre-assembled, so you have to really know what you're doing with that.


Michael Orban:  < >





Still no source for replacement drivers,  and I'm still DYING to know if Line 6 change the driver to another model, at some point.


I can't believe that even Line 6 techs can't tell me this.  It's beyond absurd.

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I know this post is old, but I'm looking for a replacement driver for one of my L3s...came back from a charity event I loaned them to with a possibly blown speaker :(


I need to get the serial numbers off them so I can register them and log a support ticket, but would like to know where all Line 6 parts can be sourced.

Have not been able to find ANY replacement parts on the Line 6 website. Am I missing something?

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