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Greyed out amps


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Bummer. As @zolko60 sez, Helix Native is designed to be preset compatible to the hardware. But Line 6 has stated several times that they intend to remove this limitation via some sort of "Hardware Compatibility" mode in Native, which could be turned on or off. That will be useful because it will remove the hardware constraints. In the meantime, you have the same DSP limitations of your rack.  :wacko:


Since you own the hardware, you may have read the Dynamic DSP section in the hardware manual. For those who don't have the hardware and run  into the gray situation, read that section of the hardware manual. Here are some basic DSP tips (from a Helix hardware thread about the topic): 

  • Some models may use more DSP than others in the same category. This is especially true with amp models
  • If you run out of DSP on Path 1, route it to Path 2 for more horsepower. If you plan on creating tones with two or more amps and more than a handful of effects, use both paths
  • Instead of a parallel path with two Amp+Cab blocks or two separate Amps and Cabs, try adding a single Amp block followed by a single Cab > Dual block (mixing two different Cabs can provide some substantial variations)
  • The stereo version of an effects block will use roughly twice as much DSP as a mono version of the same block. Likewise, the dual version of a cab block will use roughly twice as much DSP as the single version
  • Some model categories have “Simple†blocks, which utilize less DSP than others
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