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Finally Upgraded


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After 20 minutes of playing.....Both new amps are fantastic! 


It is so nice to have the legacy FX. I used the Dimension quite a bit like SRV did to subtly thicken and sweeten my guitar sound. I really missed it. I added it to my patches just now and am very happy.

I also used to use the LINE 6 Drive Distortion on my HD500X and it sounds better now on the Helix. 


Thanks Line 6. Your gear has been my gear since 2000 when I was forced by a producer to use a POD bean on a CD.

When the Vetta came out, I retired my Mesa rack and never looked back. Now most shows and sessions I do are done with two JTV Variax and the Helix.

Sound Engineers love me.


Never stop innovating!

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