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Jam along audio not playing after update to 2.5


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Updated to 2.5 & I have my floor unit connected to my computer via the USB. I practice with mp3s from my computer & they would come through the Helix. Now they are not. Any ideas why not? The Helix is showing on my computer as a playback device & is enabled but the audio is not going through the Helix like it should. My Global settings for the ins/outs on the Helix for USB say: Multi/USB in 1/2 Destination. I attached a couple screen shots. 



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You need to right click the Helix device in your windows screenshot and right click the icon and select 'Set device as default' or do it manually via the MP3 software you are using on your PC. Route the output to the Helix soundcard


Thank you!!!!! The right click, set as default worked!!!! You rock man, thanks again!!! 

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