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HS-70 Physical Adjustment Instructions?

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One situation I work in I deal with lots of people who never have used a headset mic of the style of  the HS-70. I have worked with lots of  headsets mics and know how to adjust the headset nuts for optimum fit on each individual, but in my situation I can't always be around. As obvious as it might seem to some of us, to the engineering challenged, it's not that obvious. So I was going to write up some simple adjustment for best fit instructions but it occured to me that Line6 might actually have some sort of instruction sheet for the HS-70. So I looked. Apparently not. (There's not even, apparently, anything available for download that includes any information about the HS-70 that I could find.)  If anyone knows of such a thing, especially with a diagram, or has written up a set of physical adjustment instructions, you could save me the time of re-inventing the wheel, and I'd sure appreciate it. Otherwise, I guess I'll have to create my own. Thanks.

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