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GX + Dynamic Mic [Preamp, compression?]


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I've read that the GX is not intended for voice recording, if I am right... I bought it a long time ago and I'm starting to record more lately however I want to keep recording with it for a time until I sell it and buy a more appropiate card and condenser mic as well.


My question is with what I have what would be the optimal setup? 


I use the Noise Gate + American Classic preamp + Compressor in Pod Farm. The thing is the AC preamp makes it sound a little different and the compressor part is something I would rather do in the DAW for a more raw take to work with, so I increase the volume with having a little bit of preamp and compressor.

Other preamps like console and modern also give a cleaner sound but don't seem to really preamp, or not too much at least since they don't have a drive knowb which seems to change the sound as well the higher they're set.

Also inside the DAW use multiband compression which makes the audio much more crispy but idk if EQ is also needed with that, although the current setting I have seems to be good enough...

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How do you record your voice with the gx? What is your set up? I've seen a few people struggle to record vocals with the gx.

I used to use the compressors, eq and effects as in the DAW, but i found that the preamps/effects in podfarm are much better.

Now all I use is a preamp (depending on what sound I want to achieve, I use different ones), then usually the multi-year delay and finally a compressor.

If you are struggling with the output level of the console and modern preamp, you can adjust the input and output levels via the dials in the top left and top right hand corners of the podfarm interface.

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