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Considering picking this up again


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Well, after being out of the loop for about four years I’ve decided to pick up another practice amp. My main amp is a boss katana 2 x 12, and I have a boss katana mini in my bedroom. I was looking at possibly getting a line 6 amplify 75 W as they are on sale for $250 at Sweetwater; how’s the environment for the amplifier remote been in the past four years since I haven’t used it since 2014, it or would I be better off going for a small one watt tube amp like a Marshall or black star? This is purely for bedroom jamming and recording as my katana is more than capable of doing several live shows. And I feel like I want more tonal possibilities out of my practice and then the katana mini. Don’t get me wrong it’s an excellent little beast however I just find myself wanting more possibilities.

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The core of my question was since they had one on sale for $250 at my store, if I should pick one up. I had one 4 years ago when they came out, and wasn’t impressed because the app really didn’t work at all; and was seeing if anything had been improved.


Looking for a bedroom amp woth decent sound, can’t use my 2x12 in the room.

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OK, the light flashed on :-))

First: 250 bucks are a bargain

Sec: I own one since a year, bought it used

I am very happy with it, perfect for room use. Tx to the Layout of the Speakers, it must not BE top loud and got still the full Broad Sound, not lacking bass.

Issue was on Start updating the System. With Windows its a Headache, so I took the sideway via my iPhone. Took some time, but now I got release 2,6x, the latest. The sound possibilities are really spectacular! I usually Jam along with Backingtracks which I downloaded to my Android Tablet, where the Amplifi Remote App ist located too.

And not to forget, as a hifi home Player its great top.

You got any issues, just hackme :-)

Jack from Zuerich, Switzerland

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If you didn't really like the app interface though, then I don't think you'll like it now. The general concept of dialing in tones/effects didn't really change. The App got more reliable, and there are some few new features around it, but dialing in tones (and storing them) can still be a little daunting.


Although once you have your 10 or so favorite go-to tones, then of course you just need to load it and there's no hassle anymore.


But wouldn't call the 75W version a bedroom amp, but for that price it's cheaper than the 30W one, so go for it. Unless you already got a stereo system where you could hook up the Amplifi TT or the FX100 to, then those are also worth looking into. (having a footcontroller is very nice to have, even just for being able to switch banks without touching the app and having a volume/expression pedal)


So you already got an amp for playing loud/that has a speaker -- if you're fine with playing with headphones or through your stereo system (or through your Katana mini), go with the FX100 - otherwise you might spend another 250$ for the FBV 3 :-) 

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